Donation Guidelines

Homeless Series - HandoutHere are some guidelines for food handling, and food appropriate for donation.  

What Kind of Food is Acceptable?

  • Fresh fruit, vegetables
  • Baked goods (rolls, bread, cakes, cookies)
  • Packaged, canned goods, and dry goods
  • Prepared and perishable foods that have been temperature controlled
  • Frozen foods

Unacceptable Food:

  • Food that has been placed out in eating areas (sealed packages okay)
  • Food prepared with alcohol or sulfites
  • Spoiled food, display foods, perishable food not refrigerated or heated (lower than 41 degrees, or above 200 degrees) for two hours or more
  • Insect or rodent contaminated products

And, of course, please make sure your hands and clothes are clean before handling any food.

Read More About Food Donations Guidelines:

PDF of Guidelines from LA County.Gov:

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